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Joined: Tue. Jun. 23/09
Last seen: Fri. Jun. 21/19 (Desktop)
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From: Germany
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Journal last updated: Monday, February 19th 2018 at 5:51 PM
Just came back to this site after ~8 years of absence. A lot has changed as I see. Don't know yet if I'll return as an active user, have to get used to everything again. Massclicking has really become soooooo much easier! I remember my record in 2010 being a pain in the a** and took me a full day with only breaks for sleep and food. And nice to see Mephi is still active - terveisiä Suomeen. :3
So, if you have any helpful advice for someone who hasn't been here for a looooong time, feel free to send me a PM.
Add me to your pal pad if you want. :)

New records:
19.02.2018 - #1 Activity Score, Interactions, Proper Berry Interactions, Pokémon evolved

Journal from 2010:
Dratini Shiny Hunt: 0/81

Knights of the round table
Part of the Clicking Coalition

I'm a massclicker, at least on weekends. So normally I click full party. If not, then I have a bad internet day or my connection just closed. I'll click the rest of your party when I come back later.
Users that added me to their PalPad are clicked daily.

Stats/Records (Maybe gonna be extended...)
Daily Interactions: May 1st 2010, 32,353 clicks.
Personal Mephi Record: March 6th 2010, 76 clicks.
One Person: May 1st 2010, 142 clicks, com103.
May 1st 2010 first time in a Top10 List (Most Interactions Today - #4)

About me
Well, one more German member here...but living in Finland. I'm also on DC (Groovy).
My timezone: GMT plus 2 / Server time plus 7

Notes/other stuff
I should really update my Journal...

Finally sorted my pal pad. Sorry, but if I'd add everyone who has added me, it would be overfilled... (Friends I knew before (3) - just awesome persons, aka special guests (4) | always in alphabetic order)
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