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Green's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, July 6th 2018 at 6:28 PM
I am awful about returning clicks, sorry, RL eats up all my time.

07-06-18: two shinies in one day: grey magikarp and zygarde cell.
03-27-18: hello shiny zygarde cell, nice to see you again.
12-21-17: shiny zygarde cell? ok.
12-13-17: hello surprise shiny swablu.
11-24-17: Shiny Jangmo-o!
10-29-17: Shiny Oricorio
10-25-17: Wormhole, oooo.
10-16-17: Hi Shiny Rowlet
10-15-17: Shiny Kabuto! Finally!
5-19-17: silver chest
3-6-17: shiny azuril, while shiny kabuto continues to elude me.
2-23-17: Shiny Sandygast and possibly the fastset shiny hunt I've done?
2-20-17: y hallo thar shiny turtwig.
2-??: Shiny Carbink!
1-30-17: Shiny litten! the first shiny hunt I've completed in a while.
1-7-17: Shiny Chikorita
8-23-16: Hello shiny NidoranF
8-22-16: Random Shiny Heracross.
8-21-16: Shiny Noibat!
8-2-16: Shiny Onix!
7-6-16: Random Shiny Pidgey with 114 IVs, wtf.
6-19: Shiny Klink! Silver chest!
6-17: Shiny pidove!
6-14: wtf, random shiny joltik.
6-8: Shiny Sableye!
5-30: #@$%! Another female shiny azuril. And a Shiny Druddigon!
5-22: Random shiny azuril. Shiny Porygon too!
5-18: Hello there little man, you creeper.
4-8: Shiny Sandshrew! The green army grows.
4-1: Shiny Litwick, best April Fool's Ever. XD
3-11: Shiny Fossil Cranidos! ( 18th fossil cran hatched, 96th fossil hatched, 252nd novelty hatched, 288th if you count slime slugmas)
2-2: Shiny gulpin! <3
2-1: Random shiny bronzor from the lab! Lab beldum, finally! ;_;
1-30: Shiny Relicanth! I actually finished a site wide shiny hunt!
1-22: FINALLY 1 mil points get!
12-5: Zapdos egg! ilu Prof. Cypress!
11-28: wtf random shiny chiraamii.
11-11: Blue chest! <3
10-01: Bringer of Legends! Finally. ;_;

Little Man - 7/12
Chests - 11 (Bluex4, Red, Black, Silverx5)
Manaphy Egg - 5/5
No Shine Recorder:
Trecko 1/1
Beldum 1/11
Snover 1/8
Bidoof 1/5
Druddigon 1/38
Azurill 6/1096
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