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Journal last updated: Friday, January 27th 2017 at 5:38 PM
Haha, I haven't been on here in years! Just started getting back into it again.

I just got my first Shiny! A Winter Vulpix! <3 OMG So, freaking happy. 8/31/10

I might be willing to do some different novelty breedings for people. just depends.

Also I will try to return full clicks reguardless if its eggs or pokemon. One clickers, I shall only click you back once. :3

I'm becoming a Novelty Hunter so sue me.

[X] Alpine Meowth
[X] Autumn Tropius
[ ] Bidofo
[X] Bulbasaur Clone
[X] Charmander Clone
[X] Chocolate Miltank
[X] Crystal Onix
[X] Deibot
[X] Dracowymsy
[X] Easter Bunnary
[X] Festive Makuhita
[X] Flaming Zorua
[X] Flora Togepi
[X] Fossil Kabuto
[X] Fossil Omanyte
[X] Future Shuppet
[X] Icy Horsea
[X] Lunar Larvitar
[X] Magma Totodile
[X] MissingNo
[X] Painted Torchic
[X] Past Misdreavus
[X] Pink Caterpie
[X] Pokii
[X] Present Drifloon
[X] Purple Kecleon
[X] Remorage
[X] Rustor
[X] Shellerboy
[X] Shiny Winter Vulpix (I can dream)
[X] Slime Slugma
[X] Snowy Girafarig
[X] Spiky-Eared Pichu
[X] Spring Cyndaquil
[X] Squirtle Clone
[X] Summer Swinub
[X] Valencian Oddish
[X] Valentacool
[X] Winter Vulpix
[X] Zergoose
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