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 Golden Angel

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Points: 813,823
Pass Orbs: 25

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Prize Points: 183
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Joined: Thu. Dec. 9/10
Last seen: Thu. Mar. 22/12 (Desktop)
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    Journal last updated: Monday, March 12th 2012 at 9:53 AM
    My 6 favorite Pokemon are Oshawott, Togekiss, Reuniclus, Mandibuzz, Honchkrow, and Houndoom. My favorite generation is V. My favorite type is Dark Types. I'm mostly on the forums. Note: I'm not here on most of Friday, all Saturday, and some of Sunday.

    Click me & my awesome friends too.

    Shiny Names:
    Pink Princess (Female Frillish)
    Gizamimi (Spiky-eared Pichu)
    Blazing Fighter (Infernape)
    Slashing Steel (Empoleon)
    Arctic Freeze (Icy Horsea)
    Gooey (Solosis)

    Quil = Wotter = Matt = Sun = Away = Sky = Angel

    Oh shit, what?, Wott Wott, and Gooey Ooey!

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