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Journal last updated: Monday, August 9th 2010 at 4:12 PM
If you click me, I'll at least get your original clickback. No promises on the new eggs you get later in the day, however. That is a maybe, depending on my mood. Beyond that I go through spells of doing the right berries, and then spells of being too lazy to do that. Finally, if you add me I *will* click you whenever your name pops up. So, you'll get as many clicks as I can give you. *nod*

If you're on my palpad, I know you from somewhere (MNI, more than likely), you're a global mod so you deserve clicks for running this site, you're a person that I know will click back, or, fourth, you have a cool name/I like where it comes from (in the case of Nico di Angelo).


Larvitar : 1 Egg
Feebas : 1 Egg
Houndour : 98 Eggs

Treasure Chest: 1
Manaphy: 0
Little Man: 0
Summons: 3(Successful), 0(Unsuccessful)

List of legendaries (so I'll know what I'm missing) :: Palkia, Ho-Oh, Regirock, Latias

Chest: Blue - Soul Dew
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