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Journal last updated: Wednesday, June 1st 2011 at 1:37 AM

Update: Did I intercept someone's shiny trade?

Wow, this needed updating.

This is your friendly, artist GlassWalker. I click when I can, but I don't play this game hardly as much as I used to (which is a shame). I blame part of it on slooow browser/connection half the time.

For those curious, I did a few of the Exploration Arts (ones that I know are currently out, Pikachu, Berry Picking, Yellow Orb, Scyther (Yellow Forest), Regigigas Shrine (King of the Temple), Unown (Mystery Creature). I also did the fossil versions of the ancient pokes. :>

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Shiny Drifloon
Shiny Gulpin
Shiny Corsola
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