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Journal last updated: Saturday, May 5th 2012 at 11:08 PM
holy crap found two dracowyms in between five minutes in the shelter im so happy ive been wanting one for a while

back on after a long hiatus, will click back every day now
Idle() Food break() clicking shimmering competition members because i havent been on in forever and need to click them back (x)
Online(x) brb()
Offline() offline to sleep()
I usually click back as often as possible, but will most likely be on at 8:00pm server time
10/29/2009 found almost hatched ralts egg in shelter and found manahy egg popped up on my page a lot tinyer than i thought
10/21/2009 found hatched sentret in shelter
10/15/2009 found a almost hatched zangoose egg in the shelter
*be sure to check back once in a while because i might switch some eggs out or get new ones during the day
special thanks to Vampyric AngelX for clicking my pokemon everyday even though i cant always click back, your a big help to hatching my eggs, will be able to click back more often now
*get all first gen pokemon

pokeball is almost always right, unless my written status says so
9/23 found a sun stone

if you click i will click back as soon as possible
Part of the Clicking Coalition, Part of the Shimmering Competition
To Do List

6. get first novelty pokemon finished 6/26/10
7. get all starters
8. get a missing no
9. get a silph scope
10 get a shelter pass
11. get all the evee evolutions, including evee
13. get a bidofo(any form)
15. get a shiny lucario somehow
16. get a dratini
18. get a gible
19. g et a shinx
20. get a slime slugma
21. get a zergoose
22. get a metagross(shiny if possible)
23. get a shiny ninetails almost
23. get a shaymin
if you one click, i ask u to click the one closest to hatching
add me to your friends list if u want
More Friends
cookie , snowz, the master planner, nightmeyra
Random things- i want to get a shiny clone charizard
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