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Journal last updated: Sunday, May 30th 2010 at 12:48 PM
Lola was on the next train out of the station. All of what she needed would be waiting for her at the troop dispatch base, so packing was out of the question. The only things she had with her were the clothes on her back and her only faithful companion: Riley the Weedle.

Lola and Riley went back a long way, back to the point of infancy. It had been Lola's only real tie to anything close to compassion. When she was feeling sad, Riley would be there to snuggle up to Lola, and she would feel mostly at peace with her little friend around. Until she discovered a more material use for the bug pokemon.

Looking around suspiciously, Lola found that the car behind them was empty. Cradling the Weedle in her arms, she darted to the rear car, sat down, and broke out a vial of antidote, laying it on the seat next to her.

"You know what to do, Riley. Come on," She said, taking Riley and placing him on her arm. The little bug pokemon shivered with apprehension and fear. He knew what she wanted him to do, but he did not want to hurt her.

"C'mon, you little twerp. Don't you love me?" And that was all Riley needed to hear. Of course he did, but this was bad for her. It would kill her. But there was nothing he could do. Taking careful aim, Riley placed the point of his needle against Lola's most prominent vein, and pushed, injecting a small amount of poison in her system.

Lola immediately went into spasmodic twitches of orgasm. This was it. The feeling, like a drug, that made her new life bearable.

Riley began to squeak, trying to get Lola's attention. Lola was losing it, and in a few more seconds, she would be dead from the poison. But she grabbed control of herself long enough to inject herself with the antidote she had set aside.

This was the system she now lived by. Living from injection to injection. One day at a time.
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