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Journal last updated: Monday, June 27th 2011 at 4:28 PM
Itemfinder, Wide Lens, Silph Scope, and Amulet Coin
After feeding one pokemon, you get one point

I always click the entire party - but I'm not on here every day.

If you only give me one click, please do it on the one with the least percentage.

°_¯Part of Click Appreciation¯_°

Don't know how many interactions you need?

1280 EXP = about 26 Interactions needed
2560 EXP = about 51 Interactions needed
3840 EXP = about 77 Interactions needed
5120 EXP = about 104 Interactions needed
6400 EXP = about 128 Interactions needed
7680 EXP = about 153 Interactions needed
8960 EXP = about 177 Interactions needed
10240 EXP = about 203 229 Interactions needed
20480 EXP = about 407 Interactions needed
30720 EXP = about 610 Interactions needed

Breeding problems?

Little reminder :
0 - The two Pokémon prefer to stay away from each other.
1 - The two Pokémon can hardly stand to even look at each other.
2 - The two Pokémon don't like each other very much.
3 - The two Pokémon seem somewhat friendly with each other.
4 - The two Pokémon get along.
5 - The two Pokémon like each other a lot.
6 - The two Pokémon love playing with each other.
7- The two pokemon are completly inseparable.

Thanks to King of Ice for not being a dick about me stealing his chart.
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