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 Gema J Gall

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    Journal last updated: Monday, March 30th 2020 at 5:46 PM
    I make no promises with clicks or click backs.

    Things I want to see on GPXPlus:
    Baby Mewtwo novelty
    Shadow Mewtwo novelty
    Armored Mewtwo novelty
    Detective Pikachu novelty (check!)
    Zeraora (check!)
    Necrozma Forms
    Genesect forms
    Lusamine!Nihilego novelty
    Totem!Pokemon novelties
    De-evolution Spray (item)
    More PC Box backgrounds
    More PC Boxes
    More Pokemon visible at a time at the Safari Zone in the Shelter
    Hunt Power to work on Very Rare Pokemon
    If GPXPlus can get through all that--Gigamax Forms.

    (I could care less about the Ultra Beasts or joke novelties. And enough with the Altaria knock offs!)
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