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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 10th 2013 at 2:51 PM
- Former names: Trianna - Celty Sturluson - Amaha Tsubasa

Adding me to your pal pad is a nice little benefit to you. I click those people who have added me daily. Meaning, you don't even need to click me back, I'll always click you. It's a nice investment.

The way I breed eggs: I normally breed a pair until someone gets a shiny. Be it you, me, or whomever, I'll breed to that point then change to whatever I want to breed next and repeat. Also, a forewarning note. I will be clicking my offsprings' parties whenever I have the chance.

Trinkets. I guess I should clarify. I only put out my duplicate trinkets for trade and accept what I want. <3

A little about the personal me. You may call me Gek; I'm twenty years old, I'm a NEET. I know I should move on with my life, but whatever. :> I am single, bi, and transgender mentally. Thus being said: I like any gender. I am only partially transgender seeing as I have multiple personalities. Which may make it tough to understand, but it doesn't stop me from <3 Pokemon. I'd like it if you accepted it, but I can't stop you from not accepting what you don't accept. I live my own life, thanks. :> Nice to meet you, again~

Mmm. My favorite Alert on this site: "Pokemon returned from the Underground with a Twinkie." What, it was /that/ tempting to bring up? <D

Achievement Quests:
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Alphabet Soup: 14/28
Pokedex Master: 487/501
Pokedex Master Plus: 638/652

I Am Legend: 102/150
Social Network: 56/75

Shiny: Swinub
Exploration Result: Celebi

^-^ ~ Gek
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Master Breeder (Apr 2/11)
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