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Journal last updated: Monday, April 15th 2019 at 12:32 AM
Heya, I'm Finch. I was a contributing artist here from 2010-2015!
You can find me now as Shining-Latios pretty much every site I'm on.

As a contributor for GPX, I made:
The "Quiet Forest" exploration art, the Pudgy Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot sprites,
all the art you see on the GPX guest page, the "A Trio of Trials" exploration art,
the writing for "Bridging the Gap", the Autumn Tropius sprites,
the writing and illustrations for "A Vacation to Remember", the Arceus panel in "Death of the World".

The following sixth gen sprites (and their shinies):
Xerneas, Pancham, Pangoro, Aegislash, Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist,
Sylveon, Aurorus, Mega Absol, Mega Manectric, Mega Houndoom

Probably not gonna be very active from now on. Sorry </3
Galahawk has no recent activity.

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