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Joined: Thu. Apr. 9/09
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From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Monday, July 25th 2011 at 9:12 AM

    ~Shiny Hunts~
    Burmy Male, 4 Eevee
    Yanma, Snorunt, Treecko
    Wurmple, Duskull
    Ralts, Shieldon, Castform

    ~Shiny but not hunted~
    Magby, Magnemite, Azurill, Cubone
    Igglybuff, Kangaskhan, Carnivine
    Panpour, Venipede, Seedot, Hoothoot
    Cleffa, Maractus

    ~Successful Hunts~
    Psyduck, Zubat, Mawile, Litwick, Porygon, Croagunk
    Swinub, Venonat, Gulpin, Pichu, Shuppet, Poliwag, Elgyem,
    Solosis, Woobat, Yamask, Tympole, Feebas, Vanillite
    Sewaddle, Surskit, Golett, Paras, 1 Eevee
    Girafarig, Teddiursa, Blitzle, Delibird,
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