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 Fuu and Momo419

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 30th 2014 at 4:14 PM
Thank you for clicking my eggs! I will try to return clicks ^.^ I always click your entire party unless you have eggs ready to hatch =3

Um, well, I'm a die-hard Pokemon fan- i got into it when it first came out and have kept with it ever since! I've played Blue, Silver, Emerald, Stadium 1 and 2, Snap, Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, and i want to play one from the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum series. I got SoulSilver and it is so amazing! There are a lot of the same items on here and on my game, like the Fashion Case, the Pal Pad, and of course my beloved PokeWalker ;D ! I've finished my Black game, and I'm playing Black 2. I'm SUPER excited about X and Y!

My favorite kind are water types, but i love a lot of the other types too.

Eggs I am trying to find:
Pretty much any legendaries ;)

(I'll update with more when I remember them LOL )

Achievements i'm going for (in order of importance):
Cypress's Assistant
The gym-leader badges and their corresponding champions
Ranch Undressing
The Exploration, summoning, hatcher, etc. ones
Fashion Expert
Dog Whisperer
Safari Warden

First Summon: Giratina
First Legendary: Phione
First Shiny: Phione
First novelty: Fossil Anorith
First level 100 Pokemon: Lapras

Please, if you are going to one-click, I'd really appreciate it if you clicked on the Pokemon that need a lot of points. Thanks! ^.^
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