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    Journal last updated: Friday, August 23rd 2013 at 10:59 AM
    I licked a Regice....

    ....doctors say the transplant should be successful... :(


    Goin' for Hatching Insanity... @-@


    Hey, you found me!

    Chances are, you came across me via Magistream, LiveJournal, or you saw my name in the list of people whose Pokemon I interacted with/is online.

    Click Policy: Full party. If you have an egg that's at 6/6 and isn't hatched I'll get to it if it's still there when the interactions tab is refreshed [which I do frequently].

    Thanks for visiting me!


    Places you can find me at:

    Wajas: User #86872 and #89618 [Frostfuchs, my side account.]
    Dragon Cave: Frostfoxen
    Magistream: Frostfoxen

    [Hope to see you at these places, too!]
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