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Journal last updated: Saturday, April 1st 2017 at 12:50 PM
A Bit About Me
I joined GTS+ on 27th August 2008, after being introduced to the site by Wastelander and Stealth Rock. I got involved with GPX+ a few days after its launch and was promoted to the position of GPX+ Mod in Summer '10. Haven't been active on the site for a good few years now

Notable GPX+ Achievements
19th Feb '09 - Obtained my first egg; Bidoof
19th Feb '09 - Hatched my first egg; Wigglytuff
19th Feb '09 - Obtained GPX+'s first ever Charmander egg
20th Feb '09 - Obtained GPX+'s first ever Charizard
21st Feb '09 - Obtained my first event egg; Cressila
16th Aug '09 - Hatched my first shiny; Charizard
11th Apr '11 - Completed my first site wide Pokemon Hunt
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