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Journal last updated: Monday, September 7th 2009 at 4:35 PM
Hello everyone!

I strongly apologize for not being online, the reason is that I've been plaing MapleStory and Pangya all the time.

This is FlameChocobo, the person who was always a big fan of Pokemon when I was a child, but now I'm an adult (18 years old). So anyways, if you can add me.

Clicking policy

If you wish to click on some of my pokemon, be sure to:

Feed Arcanine, Nidorino, and Jigglypuff Cheri Berry
Feed Rydia (Female Ralts) Chesto Berry
Feed Spheal Asphear Berry
Feed Omanyte any berries you prefer.

Spheal, Omanyte, and Rydia (Female Ralts) are the Pokemon in party that don't need any evolution stones/items in order to evolve.


-Sliph Scope
-Item Finder

- Shiny Stone (for Roselia)
- Dawn Stone (for Kirila if it's a male)
- Moon Stone (for Nidorino)
- Fire Stone (for Growlithe)

Thank you!
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