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Journal last updated: Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at 12:57 AM
Ok, here's the deal. I'm a nice,silly,crazy Girl who loves pokemon. I'm 15 years old and people can call me "Glacie" or "Fiorre". I have loved pokemon ever since I was small, and I always will love it. Friends you ask? Yup, I got a few here on GPX, those being:

Nimmie(She's mah BFFMWELETWDKEOIRL[Best Friend For My Whole Entire Life Even Though We Don't Know Each Other In Real Life] Mess with her and you'll see my evil side!)
Arcyena(He's mine.. stay away. I already claimed him XD)
Darkrow(Yay! Darkie is my buddy-buddy :3 leave him alone. Torturing is my job. I do it in my head or when he's not looking XD)
Oranges(She changes her name a lot but, we have so much in common I can find her even if she's called "Super cupcake". Don't mess with her either)
FireUmbreon(My Fiwy.. We chat a lot sooo... no making fun of him!)
MoogleSam(She's fun.. And videogames ftw!)

Yay! Now that that's out of the way! One day I want to go around the globe visiting all of them one-by-one I want you to click all of them! They are all nice people that are nice to me and are my friends!

I click wrong berries, only click correct berries for my palpad friends.
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