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Journal last updated: Sunday, December 27th 2009 at 6:54 PM
Status: Might not be on everyday, so click at your own risk. Tinierme has eaten my life xD

Please click Dominicanboy139! He's a really good clicker, so you won't regret it, plus he really deserves some more clicks! And I luff him very much <3

Hey everyone! My name on this site is Fiona, but if you happen to be on Gaia it's CrimsonButterfly3. Dominicanboy139 is my boyfriend <3 And thank you to all the people who friend me!

So, a little info about me. I'm a 18 year old girl who lives on the east coast of the USA with my boyfriend. Pokemon Yellow for the gameboy is one of my favorite games out of the whole series, and the first one I probably ever played. I love how Pikachu follows you around on the screen <3

I find it common courtesy to click all of my pokemon/eggs if you want me to click all of yours.

If you click my eggs, I'll be sure to click back!
Exceptions are:
-I do click one clickers back; though, how many clicks you get, you'll never know xD
-I click by percent, meaning I leave the same amount of eggs untouched that you did with me

If you're only able to click less than my full party because I haven't hatched an egg yet or some other reason that's my fault, then no worries! I don't hold that against anyone, and I'll still click all of yours if you click all the rest of my pokemon.

And that's pretty much it. Love you Gaudy!!! <3
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