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 Fancy Footwork

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Fancy Footwork's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, February 17th 2011 at 9:19 PM
Who: Fancy Footwork
What: a Lady
Where: America
When: 22 years ago
Likes: reading, writing, drawing (dA/wucheydi), traveling, speaking other languages (Spanish, Japanese, French), video games, hockey etc!
Fav pokemon: Ditto, Kanto Starters, Ampharos, Jolteon, Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable
Latest Book: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hydel and Dune <3
Latest Band: Ra Ra Riot

Update Feb 16th, 2011
Started the Cleffa Shiny hunt again! Says #1, but technically egg one will be #24. Wish me luck!

Update Feb 15th, 2011
Wow.. I forgot about this site for a while! It's been 10 months.. lol. Where does the time go, yeah?

Getting back into this as Pokemon Black/White's release date gets nearer! I'm excited!

Submitted a group on the Forums! "Siblings of the Shiny" 4/30/10
Which is pretty much a group to have fun dressing up and giving personalities to the pokemon that're bred during a shiny hunt.
Later on, once it gets some members, I'll have some Cutest Sibling poll-contests and maybe some art contests with prizes for the winner. What kind of prizes? No idea. I can draw, maybe I'll draw for them lol. Or feature them on the first post of the thread.
Anywho, that's the news!

Shiny Cleffa Quest:
Cluff (original, male, lv 100) + Precious (babymomma, abandoned 3 times ; ;)
- Puddlecake - Foomfernee - Cakelet - Watsonette - Pookie - Hersch - Lil Blue - Lil Pink -
- Wissy - Waleffarus - ...

Adopted: Camina the Explorer, Cleffa (unnamed)

Suggest a name for the next Cleffa!
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