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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 17th 2012 at 11:53 PM
I like trains!

Hello~!! This is Faetia, but you can just call me Meggie. :] I'm pretty friendly, so I don't mind if you wanna friend me or talk to me~! I always click full parties of my pal pad. Most of my pal pad does full party clicks as well~! So, go visit them once in a while. :]

I do ride horses, and they are my everything. <3 I have the amzing and sometimes quite special horse, Miss Jazzy. c:

My favorite pokemon are Ralts+evos, Evee+evos, Lilipup+evos, Buizel/Floatzel, Linoone, Arcanine, and Oshawott+evos. :]]]

-Get a shiny {x}(Shiny Vulpix, Miriru, hatched on May 16th in 70 eggs)
-Get a shiny Lilipup {_}
-Get Missingno. {_}
-Get a legendary {x} (My Latios, I forget which day he hatched)
-Get entire Unova pokedex {_}
-Finish That Burning Desire {_}
-Win a Shiny Race {_}
-Get all the badges {_}
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