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Journal last updated: Friday, March 15th 2019 at 1:51 PM
2015.06.02: I don't come here as often nowadays, but occasionally, I might return and send some trinkets.

Trinkets Completion: 2104/3539 (1435 missing)
Number of Message Alerts I have saved: 7

- If you give me a trinket I don't have, I will give you a trinket that you don't have of the same rarity (if possible). ('Course, in order for me to give ya trinkets, I gotta be on your Pal Pad. :D)
- If by chance I don't have a rarity that matches (that you don't have), I keep the Message alert until I find one that does match.
- Unless I have a spare, however, I generally don't trade Holiday/Seasonal Trinkets.
- One caveat, if you unfriend me while I still owe you a trinket, well, I can't send you any trinkets anymore, can I? After that, the deal is null and I delete the message alert. Sorry, bud. :/

Trinkets are my main priority and the reason I still come back here, every now and then.

About Me:
Vocaloids. I like them. UTAUs are cool too.
Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon. Also, Klefki actually looks pretty cool, too. Fairy Pokemon are my weaknesses, if you haven't noticed. Like, yasss destroy the Dragon Pokemon with pink showers of flower petals or idk. (sobs, I don't own XY/ORAS. The lastest Pokemon game I've owned so far was Pearl. Ahahaha...)

[c]Where to Find Me
deviantART: faerimagic
Tumblr: faerimagic
Twitter: @FaeriMagic
YouTube: faerimagic Natasha Celestine (That darn Google+, ugh)
So yeah, if you see this username, it's most likely me.
FaeriMagic has no recent activity.

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