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Journal last updated: Sunday, April 22nd 2012 at 11:51 PM
Devianart User: LittleYumiko
Click me back! I like to go through my "Interacted with me today" list when I'm mobile clicking on campus! You get clicks, I get pass orbs!
Shinies Obtained
Hunted : Ponyta, Snivy, Baltoy, Shellder, Bidoof, Ekans, Grimer, Bronzor, Lapras
Random : Squirtle, Sentret
Also randomly raising bidoofs! Have a shiny one in black, WILL HAVE A FULL SHINY PARTY OF THEM HERE! MWAHAHAHA!
Clicking Policy!
I return ALL clicks with full party clicks. PP and "users I haven't interacted with yet" get nice, slow, careful berry feeding. Pal pad get clicked as often as I can remember to check it. If I hit you with random clicks, sometimes Safari freaks out and lags, meaning you MIGHT get the wrong berry. I'm sorry, I really try to be careful. I redo the WHOLE list of people who interacted with me around reset- sometimes before, sometimes after depending on work :)

I love poison and ghost pokemon, and Lapras. Lost my sanity getting a shiny Lapras in Black. :)

Sometimes it takes me a while to click because I do FULL PARTY CLICKS regardless
(unless you have eggs at 100%)--- but I'll get back to your critters once a day minimum!
Add me to your pal pad and I'll click! I promise! :D

I'm in college. I'm 26, and I spend most of my class time clicking on eggs and giving views to different friend's collections... time after class is spent writing papers and playing WoW (Earthen Ring, Horde). If you're on the server, feel free to shoot me a mail in game, I'll click on your eggs!
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