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Points: 28,387,402
Pass Orbs: 12,384

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Prize Points: 187
Ranking: 210
Joined: Thu. Apr. 12/12
Last seen: Thu. Apr. 14/22 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
Viewing user: Equitial

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    Lv. 59: 6,591/10,599

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    Lv. 58: 6,530/10,000

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    Lv. 65: 2,453/10,000

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      —Mega Gyarados

    Lv. 44: 7,081/12,500

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    Lv. 44: 11,673/12,500

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    Lv. 46: 4,962/12,500

Equitial's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, October 28th 2021 at 10:01 AM
Join the GPX Discord! https://discord.gg/b3kzGX2

Hello, welcome to my profile! I'm a lifelong Pokemon fan and have been on this site since I was 13.

Feel free to ask me for SN, Trinkets/Sky Gift, or Office Wars. If you ask for SN, I will usually remove you once I notice you've gotten the achievement. For Trinkets, I will irregularly hand out duplicates. I try to rotate through my Pal Pad evenly for Sky Gifts. I can do Office Wars with one person at a time. Currently, I am available. If I add you, please note that I periodically prune my Pal Pad for inactives and those who don't interact with me unless I added them for SN.

Lowest Ranking: 56

Trinkets: 4148/4169

I have obtained a complete Living Dex, all leveled to 100! Now hunting my way through the dex.

Total Shinies hatched: 158

Most Shinies hatched during a SWSH: 4

Have all achievements except 3: Expert Commuter, Master Commuter, and Elite Clicker.

Most Pokemon I intend to keep are named with a random name generator, in case you're confused as to why I have an Altaria named Marlies or something like that. There are a few exceptions that I named or had my little siblings name (little sibling names include Mimi-Mimi-Mimi, Zebra Girl, and JumpyWeeWooWee).
Equitial has no recent activity.

Equitial's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Legend (Jul 26/14)
Kanto Master (Jan 13/14)
Johto Master (Jan 12/14)
Hoenn Master (Jan 26/14)
Sinnoh Master (Jan 30/14)
Unova Master (Feb 16/14)
An All Night Thing (Feb 19/17)
Social Network (May 3/17)
Glitch City (Feb 15/14)
Lucky Day (Feb 16/14)
Cold-Hearted (Jan 27/14)
Best In Show (Feb 10/17)
Finish What You Started (May 1/17)

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