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Epi1612's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, December 4th 2010 at 3:34 AM
~Hello Hello! Just Another Pokémon-fan xD~
~A GPX+ Newbie :P~
~Feel Free to Add Me!~
~I Click Too Much! Hehe~

~Mystery Log~
Old Man:11
Tiny Egg:3

~Needed Stuff~
-Feral Zergoose/Blue Stone
*I'll breed novelties/release legends
Requestable Legends-Groudon/Rayquaza/Shaymin/Cresselia/Heatran/Manaphy

~Shiny Log~
26 Nov - Shiny Misdreavus/1
25 Nov - Spiky-eared Pichu(7th in gpx)
03 Oct - Zangoose/164
29 Sep - Bidoof/115
29 Sep - Houndour/21
26 Sep - Gulpin/34
23 Sep - Crystal Onix/1
20 Sep - Dialga/1 (Adamant Orb)
16 Sep - Absol/33 (1st Shiny)

~Legend Log~
1 Deoxy (Ex)
1 Jirachi (Ex)
1 Latios (Enigma Stone)
1 Kyogre (Blue Orb)
3 Giratina (Griseous Orb,Enigma Stone,Lab)
3 Palkia (Enigma Stone,2 Lustrous Orb)
3 Lugia (2 Silver Wing,Enigma Stone)
4 Groudon (2 Red Ord,Shelter,Enigma Stone)
1 Dialga (Adamant Orb)
1 Celebi (Ex)
3 Shaymin (Lab,Gracidea Flower)
5 Rayquaza (4 Green Orb,Lab)
4 Cresselia (Lab,Safari,2 Enigma Stone)
6 Ho-oh (3 Enigma Stone,2 Lab,Rainbow Wing)
5 Heatran (3 Enigma Stone,Lab,Magma Rock)
1 Latias (Soul Dew)
6 Manaphy (3 Tiny Egg,3 Safari)
1 Entei (Event)

~Breeding Guide~
0 The two Pokémon are not interested in each other in the slightest
1 The two Pokémon prefer to stay away from each other
2 The two Pokémon can hardly stand to even look at each other
3 The two Pokémon don't like each other very much
4 The two Pokémon seem somewhat friendly with each other
5 The two Pokémon get along
6 The two Pokémon like each other a lot
7 The two Pokémon love playing with each other
8 The two Pokémon are completely inseparable

~Vs Seeker Guide~
Battle Depends On:
Rarity: Very Rare > Common
Type: Elect > Water > Fire Etc
Strategy: Offensive > Balanced > Defensive > Offensive

Started GPX: 17 Aug 09
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