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From: Slovenia
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  • Eliot

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  • Unhatched
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    7,680/7,680 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 87
    Unique Views: 918
    Interactions: 54

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Journal last updated: Sunday, November 18th 2018 at 6:07 AM
Its still me. Elito.

Legend Tazii
Mewtwo Lugia Suicune Mew

Shiny Tazii
Persian Arbok Feraligatr Charizard Haunter Houndour Poochyena Arcanine Liepard Granbull Kingler Mankey Wartortle Kabutops Hitmonlee Zubat Krokorok Noctowl Kadabra Aggron

Shiny wants
Eelektross Vanilluxe Solrock Maractus Butterfree Kakuna Beautifly Dustox Mothim Ledian Scrafty Leavanny Masquerain Ludicolo Combusken Parasect Dodrio Voltorb Exeggcute Mr. Mime Leafeon Meganium Togekiss Stantler Mightyena Linoone Nuzleaf Lilligant Gallade Shedinja Delcatty Minun Swalot Klinklang Torkoal Spinda Vibrava Cacnea Seviper Glalie Froslass Whiscash Cradily Chimecho Shelgon Torterra Kricketune Drifloon Volcarona Purugly Gothorita Roselia Glameow Snivy Simipour Tranquill Blitzle Swanna Sawsbuck Golurk Mandibuzz Heatmor Clawitzer Chesnaught Vivillon Slurpuff Florges Dragalge Gogoat Trevenant Goodra Noivern Decidueye Primarina Vikavolt Ribombee Toxapex Lurantis Shiinotic Tsareena Palossand Pyukumuku Turtonator Mimikyu Bruxish Dhelmise Jangmo-o

This place gives me hardcore nostalgia
Elito has no recent activity.

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