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  • Unhatched
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    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 33
    Unique Views: 152
    Interactions: 950

ElectricFortune's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, December 25th 2014 at 10:37 PM


Check me out on Youtube as well; I do LPs (I have the same username there)

Part of Every Berry Counts, Nerves of Steel, Royal Pokemon, and The Novelty Kingdom.


Novelties(49/56)-Missingno., Zergoose, Pokii, Dracowymsy, Bidofo, Zombidofo, Shadow Lugia, Fake Groudon, Feral Zergoose, Pudgy Pidgey, Notched Ear Pichu, Slime Slugma, Winter Vulpix, Summer Swinub, Easter Buneary, Crystal Onix, Remorage, Flaming Zorua, Shelderboy, Icy Horsea, Rustor, Valetacool, Festive Makuhita, Past Misdreavus, Present Drifloon, Future Shuppet, Bulbasaur Clone, Charmander Clone, Squirtle Clone, Fossil Omanyte, Fossil Kabuto, Fossil Aerodactyl, Fossil Lileep, Fossil Anorith, Fossil Relicanth, Fossil Cranidos, Fossil Shieldon, Fossil Archen, Fossil Tirtouga, Porygon-T, Damp Cherrim, Frost Cherrim, Heat Cherrim, Roggenmorpha, Autumn Tropius, Mistilil, Snowy Girafarig, Primal Dialga, Deibot, Dreident, Spiral Shellder, Fossil Tyrunt, Fossil Amaura, Splash Chikorita, Magma Totodile, Ekralyp

If I missed a novelty, feel free to PM me.

Achievement Goals

-Social Network (41/75)

Miscellaneous Goals

-Find something worthwhile to spend my ever-growing points on{}
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Kanto Champion (Jun 10/12)
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Hoenn Champion (Feb 8/14)
Legendary Hunter (Dec 10/11)
Novelty Collector (Jul 21/10)
OCD (Nov 6/11)
Ruin Maniac (May 26/11)
Speed Reader (Feb 18/13)
Gold Digger (Aug 7/11)
Mycologist (Mar 27/11)
Shiny Collector (Mar 4/12)
Great Success! (Jan 29/11)
Bounty Hunter (Jan 2/13)
Master Feeder (Jul 13/12)
Expert Collector (Jan 2/13)

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