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Journal last updated: Sunday, February 27th 2011 at 5:49 PM
Hello! I am Elddron. If anyone adds me to his/her palpad, he/she will get free daily clicks... ONLY IF HE/SHE CLICKS ME, TOO. I have
always enjoyed the idea of collecting unique creatures in a gaming format, so this game just really got my attention. I can't click anyone weekday mornings (usually), so I will do it at around 2:30.
Does anybody know what the Dragon Jewel will do?

If you friend me a message will be revealed

Fifth generation eggs obtained so far: 72
Different legendary Pokemon obtained so far: 11
Different shiny Pokemon obtained so far: 9

3: Shiny Zangoose
6: Bidofo egg
16: Blue Chest/Lunar Wing
27: Shiny Fushide
31: Ditto egg
2: Tiny egg
8: Shiny Igglybuff/ Murkrow, Blue Chest/Adamant Orb
9: Shaymin egg
12: Pokii egg
13: Groudon egg
16: Celebi egg
18: Shaymin egg
19: Shaymid egg
21: Bidofo egg
23: Pokii egg, Ho-oh
2: Red Chest/Lustrous Orb
3: Dialga
7: Kyogre egg
13: Bidofo egg
27: Groudon
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