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Duma's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, November 19th 2017 at 5:41 AM

Yo clickin will be sporadic, I'm at college gettin an edumacation.

Hoardin ain't coo so unless I'm tryin to complizzle my livin Pokedex I'll be releasin any extras that I might happen to recizzle.

I'm katanisk on Deviantart if anyone wants to check me out.

Shinies Obtained
Starboard: Carvhana --> Sharpedo (chance hatching)
Wendigo: Houndour --> Houndoom (chance hatching)
Argonaut: Bouffalant (chance hatching)
James: Squirtle --> Wartortle (Hunt: 150 eggs)
Helios: Growlithe --> Arcanine (Hunt: 256 eggs)
Godzilla: Totodile --> Croconaw --> Feraligatr (Hunt: 338 eggs)

Legendaries Obtained
Samuel: Mewtwo (event)
Jericho: Ho-Oh (summon)
Sprite: Celebi (exploration)
Metropolis: Registeel (event)
Pacific: Manaphy (random item)
Silverado: Lugia (shelter)
Panthalassa: Kyogre (exchange)
Pangaea: Groudon (lab)
Hunter: Heatran (shelter)
Teotihuacan: Rayquaza (summon)
Prospero: Dialga (summon)
Tempest: Palkia (shelter)
Stellaluna: Cresselia (summon)
Crimson: Latias (summon)
Cyan: Latios (summon)
Samael: Alternate Giratina (summon)
Asphyxia: Origin Giratina (event)
Link: Sky Shaymin (summon)
Timusa: Raikou (exploration)
Phantastus: Suicune (event)
Copland: Articuno (exploration)
Metatron: Reshiram (exploration)
Catalyst: Mew (exploration)
Stravinsky: Moltres (shelter)
Holst: Zapdos (exploration)

When people one-click me and I go to their page only to see a spiel about how they ignore one-clickers, or "always click full-party!", I kind of sit there, puff on my pipe, and muse on the nature of human hypocrisy.
And then I one-click them.
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