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Journal last updated: Saturday, February 6th 2010 at 6:58 PM
Hey I'm drufle! I'll always click back every single one of your eggs/pokemon no matter how many of mine you click. However, that doesn't mean you can just click my eggs to get loads of exp. It would be nice for you to click mine too.

Member of Shimmering Competition

10/29- missed a manaphy egg because my party was full :p never letting that happen again
11/20- Wow. I actually got an event egg!
12/17- Another event egg! Awesome!
1/10- My first Novelty! I finally found the mysterious Little Man!
2/5- My second Novelty! I got a Squirtle Clone in the Shelter! And another Missingno.!
2/6- My luck's definitely changed- I got a Dracowymsy!
Also, I do use correct berries for Pokemon:
Aspear: Sour
Cheri: Spicy
Chesto: Dry
Pecha: Sweet
Rawst: Bitter

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1,280 = 32 interactions
2,560 = 65 interactions
3,840 = 97 interactions
5,120 = 129 interactions
6,400 = 160 interactions
7,680 = 193 interactions
8,960 = 227 interactions
10,240 = 256 interactions
20,480 = 488 interactions
30,720 = 760 interactions

I'll be trying to get a shiny Shinx. If anyone wants to race, send me a PM.
shinies/non-shinies (0/12)
Current Daily interaction record: 632 (to me) 867 (from me)
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