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Points: 576,319
Pass Orbs: 1,514

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Prize Points: 216
Ranking: 2,931
Joined: Thu. Sep. 12/13
Last seen: Sun. Sep. 20/20 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: Spain
Viewing user: Dreaker

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    Lv. 10: 9,554/12,500

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    Lv. 23: 3,242/6,000

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    Lv. 13: 8,383/10,000

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      —Fossil Tyrunt

    Lv. 45: 3,094/12,500

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      —Fossil Amaura

    Lv. 44: 9,173/12,500

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      —Pokémon Egg

    9,205/10,240 ~ 89%

    Egg phase: 5/6
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Dreaker's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, August 28th 2020 at 9:22 AM
GPX+ Goals:

*Complete "Insatiably Curious" Achievement (47/51)
Explorations Left:
*Death of the World (Arceus)
*Protecting the Fragile (Keldeo)
*King of the Temple (Regigigas)
*The Quiet Forest (Celebi)

Next Hunts (To unlock Achievements and Novelty Evolutions):
*Mareep (Achievement and Item)
*Zangoose (Achievement and Item)
*Gible (Item)
*Pichu (Items)
*Misdreavus (Item)
*Klink (Achievement)
*Gulpin (Achievement)

*Unlock "Pokedex Master Plus" Achievement (639/652) (Only missing Unowns)
*Complete the Canon Pokedex
*Complete the Pokedex

*Get all possible PC Expansions:
**Extra PC Box (15/15) DONE
**Extra PC Box Plus (9/10)
**Extra PC Box Ultra (0/25)
*Have a full Canon LiveDex
*Have a full LiveDex

Favorite Shinies:
*Reshiram (Not happening)

*Become the Champion of every region:
**Kanto (3/8)
**Johto (3/8)
**Hoenn (2/8)
**Sinnoh (5/8)
** Unova (0/8)
*Become the Legend of every region:
**Kanto (2/8)
**Johto (1/8)
**Hoenn (0/8)
**Sinnoh (2/8)
** Unova (0/8)
Dreaker has no recent activity.

Dreaker's Showcased Achievements

Boulder Badge Plus (Sep 17/19)
Legendary Collector (Dec 11/19)
Master Explorer (Oct 31/19)
An All Night Thing (Sep 12/19)
Total Bankruptcy (Sep 16/19)
Bounty Hunter (Sep 14/19)
Master Clicker (Sep 8/19)
Master Hatcher (Apr 17/20)
Master Breeder (Nov 10/19)
Master Feeder (Oct 27/19)
Darwinist (Oct 19/14)
Runner-Up (Nov 8/19)
Finish What You Started (Nov 1/19)
Master Collector (Apr 8/20)

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