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Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 at 7:56 PM
||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

Hi everyone!

If you click my entire party, I'll do the same. I always try to make sure I feed the right berry. If I didn't get to click you in time today I'm really sorry! I try but sometimes I run out of time.

If you're a one-clicker please click one of the eggs that is closest to hatching. However, more than one click is appreciated. I cannot always guarantee that I'll click you back if you only give me one click.

Looking for Shinies right now :) I've finally managed to breed myself a shiny Magikarp, not sure what to look for next.

Looking for:
Shiny Gulpin [1]
Shiny Magikarps [57/110]
Shiny Venonat [2]
Shiny Ponyta [60]
Shiny Weedle [4]
Shiny Carnivine [3]
Shiny Sandshrew [14]
Shiny Croagunk [7/10]
Shiny Charmander [18]
Shiny Azurill [313]
Shiny Buneary [217]
Shiny Pichu [34]
Shiny Bidoof [187]
Shiny Slowpoke [8]
Shiny Slumga [488]
Shiny Beldum [97]
Shiny Tabunne [1]
Shiny Munna [8]
Shiny Nidoran F [128]
Shiny Taillow [680]
Shiny Horsea [9]
Shiny Relicanth [84]
Shiny Squirtle [257]
Shiny Geodude [403]
Shiny Shellder [303]

Shiny Exeggcute [ ]
Shiny Swablu [ ]
Shiny Shinx [ ]
Shiny Absol [ ]
Shiny Luvdisc [ ]
Shiny Duskull [ ]
Shiny Miltank [ ]
Shiny Gastly [ ]
Shiny Koffing [ ]
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