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Dragonsteps's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, June 9th 2014 at 5:53 AM
I'm 19 and live in The Netherlands.
Reset is at 6:00 AM local time, meaning that during reset I'm still passed out.

Clicking policy
SPAM CLICK! (only when I want to)

Azurite, duplicates go to the market. If you ask nicely I may gift you a trinket. ^^

Things to get/do
- explorations
- final badge achievements
- shinies

explorations done:30/36
A Haunting Halloween
A Ripple in Time
A Trio of Trials
Babysitting Adventure
Beachside Treasure

Beneath the Frozen Forest
Dark Saturday
Deep desires
Deep in the Laboratory
Finding Your Muse

Forgotten Memories
Incident in Yellow Forrest
King of the Temple
Mystery Creature of the Ruins

Needing a Friend
Protecting the Fragile
Punishing a Poacher
Secret of Christmas
Star Guided Journey

Sweet Success
That Burning Desire!!
The Angered Gods of Weather
The Great Rescue
The Passionate Duo

The Quiet Forest
The Three Singing Chatot
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Tour of Illusions
Transforming the Heart

Randomness corner:
Playing old harvest moon games, like a boss
Dragonsteps has no recent activity.

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