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Journal last updated: Monday, October 7th 2013 at 1:08 AM
Everything below is really old, just getting back into this game after what... 2 years? o.o

...I want a Pokii. ;-;

- I'm mostly doing clickbacks these days.
- If I clicked you less than you clicked me, I try to catch up before reset.
- The earlier you click me in the day, the more likely I'll actually get to click back!
- Feel free to add me to your Pal Pad.

Back to clicking as normal!

Member of The Clicking Coalition!

July 6: Got my first Pokemon! A male Togepi! <3
July 18: Randomly got an event egg! :D I'm so excited, this is my first one! OMG MEWTWO!
July 28: L100 Lileep and L100 Growlithe from the Shelter!
July 30: L1 Missingno. from the Shelter! O.o
Sept. 12: RAYQUAZA!!!
Oct. 1: Heeeey, Regirock! :D
Nov. 22: I come back to a MEW!!?! *runs around in circles*
Dec. 24-25: lolevent- Thank you, Mizuhara Yuzuki for Zapdos!!!
I entered Regirock in the Secret Santa! ;D I hope its new owner is happy!
Jan. 11: Entered the dress-up contest. x_X, booted out on the 14th, lol.
Jan. 17: I missed a Zergoose in the Shelter! ;-;
Mar. 8: Missed a Latios, but got a Manaphy!

Random List of Pokemon I Want
Articuno, Moltres, Lugia, Shadow Lugia, Ho-oh, Cranidos, Steelix, Latios, Latias, Shedinja, Crystal Onix, Shiny Gyarados, Shiny Shadow Lugia, Shiny Aron, Shiny Gardevoir, Shiny Sableye, Regigagaiagaigaiagaigiaagagigas

Breeding novelties out of the goodness of my heart. :p
Taking a break because they don't love each other anymore. ;-;
...not really, just working on some achievements.

Slime Slugmas produced: ~40
DragonSpeaker has no recent activity.

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