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Journal last updated: Sunday, June 26th 2016 at 12:02 PM
I reached my all time high of clicks: 2,522 make that 3,633 *collapses before berry feeder* After BF 12,569!!
Status: Thankful to all who help my Explorations!
Hello! I will do full party clicks in return for your single or multi clicks though I really appreciate multi clicks. I love adoptables. Thanks for reading this unless you skipped to the end... ;)
RIP Ogre Jeremiah, we miss you Lil Ogie Man RIP Sassy DragonFerret, Puffy the silliest French Bulldoggie, RIP Joshua the German Shepherd Cat, May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest!
PS Sassy, Ogie, Puffy, and Joshie were rescues and the best a ferrent could ask for!
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