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Journal last updated: Friday, December 24th 2010 at 12:35 PM
It's not worth clicking me these days. I hatch most of my eggs through views, so don't bother to click me.

News: Oops. I made a shiny.

Current Goals
[X]Get 1 shiny
[X]Get 1 legendary
[X]Get 1 novelty
[X]Get missing number pokemon
[X]Hatch a female Relicanth
[]Hatch Duskull and evolve to final form
[X]Get mad because lots of my eggs are hatching as males and not as females
[X]Evolve Kabuto to final form
[X]Get a ditto to make breeding simple and easy
[]Try to get a female of every breed (or genderless depending on the breed. This goal does not include all male breeds like Tauros.)
[28/100]Populate the site with 100 hatched relicanth offspring from my relicanth
[103/100] Populate the site with 100 hatched stantler offspring
[9/100]Populate the site with 100 hatched easter buneary offspring

A little about me

Q: What's my favorite pokemon?
A: Articuno. Articuno is pretty and one of the originals which makes it even more awesome. Rayquaza, Kabutops, Cubone, Marowak, Empoleon... ect. I could go on forever but these are probably my top 5 favorites after Articuno.

Q: Why do you have a goal to get a female of every breed?
A: I'm all for girl power. I noticed while playing the games that pokemon males far outweigh the number of females in them so it's my way of rebeling. It increases the difficulty too because getting females is harder then getting males.

Q: What are you gonna do with all the males you hatch?
A: Unless I'm breeding them, their shiny, or special in some other way their bound for the shelter.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm a 17 year old Hoosier Female (Hoosier: Someone from Indiana).
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