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 Doctor Octopus

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Doctor Octopus's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 7:34 PM
Hey, Doctor Octopus here. Call me Otto or Doc Ock, either works.

I've been on GPX since '09 and still enjoy it, but unlike in ye olde '09 I have a full time job. Activity is gonna be Very Patchy due to that.


Shiny Hunts
Italicized with a number beside it denotes a current hunt; strike text denotes a finished hunt in a themed set

The Avengers - COMPLETE
Braviary (Steve Rogers)
Aggron (Tony Stark)
Ursaring (Bruce Banner)
Skarmory (Clint Barton)
Galvantula (Natasha Romanoff)
Electivire (Thor)

Scrafty (Norman Osborn)
Dratini (Curt Connors)
Rhydon (Aleksei Sytsevich)

Ariados (Eddie Brock)
Drapion (Mac Gargan)
Kecleon (Dmitri Smerdyakov)
Smeargle (Stan Lee)
Wreck-It Ralph
Conkeldurr (Wreck-It Ralph)
Oshawott (Fix-It Felix Jr)
Swirlix (Vanellope Von Schweetz) [2/639]
Haxorus (Sergeant Calhoun)
Mareep (King Candy)

The Defenders
Medicham (Matt Murdock)
Gardevoir (Claire Temple)
Primeape (Jessica Jones)
Pangoro (Luke Cage)

Kommo-o (Danny Rand) [0/168]
Other Misc. Shinies
Rayquaza (Draconoodle) [0/62]
Garchomp (Jetstream) [0/212]
Sewaddle (Luc) [1/1001]

Magma Feraligatr (Skyrkhas)
Klink (Aperture)
Absol (Ford Pines)
Alolan Muk (Hexxus)
Rattata (Oreo)
Eevee (Mutability)
Meowth (Stan Pines)
Minun (Dipper Pines)
Plusle (Mabel Pines)
Duskull (Murray)
Crobat (Bruce Wayne)
Beheeyem (Marvin)

Primarina (Elton John)
Solrock (Fusion)
Unfezant (Howl)
Hoothoot (HEHE)
Clawitzer (Karkat Vantas)
Whimsicott (John Egbert)


I suppose that about does it for now. If you want to message me, feel free to; I don't bite.

Courtesy your friendly neighbourhood supervillain,
Doctor Octopus


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