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Journal last updated: Monday, March 21st 2011 at 5:16 PM
Someone please explain to me why, out of the original 151, all I am missing is Ditto.


Yo, guys. Dimitri here. I'm recent college grad and I work at an animal shelter that has the best puppies ever. I spend most of my time with my pets (2 rats, 2 cats, one crested gecko, one snake, and a 5 gal aquarium). I've also been a Pokemon fan for probably just as long as you. (Actually, probably longer. Y'all youngin's.)

All this "clicking policy" nonsense confuses me. I'll click you if you click me. I'll click you if you don't click me. I happily give one-clickers full party clicks in return. Why?
Because one click is better than no clicks at all.


[ ] Get a shiny Arcanine
[x] Get a shiny Charizard
[ ] Get the first 151 (seriously, i have no idea how this is gonna happen)

SHINY RACE: Adona's Shiny Meowth vs. my Shiny Ponyta. LET'S DO THIS.
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