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 Demious Lupin

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Demious Lupin's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, July 23rd 2010 at 11:47 AM
||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||
~!~!*!*!:Part of the A-Chu Army:!*!*!~!~

Status: Still looking for a job. I'm gonna try to start clicking back my clickers but for now i'll worry about clicking my pals on the pal pad. Thank you all for being so nice and clicking even though i haven't clicked any of you back. I love you all so much! <3 Demon Wolf

random info: if anyone ever felt like getting ahold of me add me on your msn or yahoo at Demious_Lupin_Damian_Mono@yahoo.com & ryan_blasingame@hotmail.com

Warming rules:
If you warm mine i shall warm yours back. So be nice and warm all instead of like one or two.
p.s. you one clickers shall be ignored

News: Been Getting crack ton of legendarys and noveltys
Random fun fact. What my name means - Demious = Demon. Lupin = Wolf. So in all actuality it means Demon Wolf.

Interactions today: 468

PICHU ARMY!!!!!(entire box of pichu's lvl 100)
Hatch shiny Pichu! ( to lead the army!)
Evolve Squritle to Blastiose
Evolve Charmeleon to Charmander
Evolve Pidgey to Pidgot
Hatch and evolve Ratatta to Ratacate
Hatch and evolve Mankey to Primeape
Hatch and evolve Dratini to Dragonair
shooting for a amulet coin also! {11,142/50,000}

Pkmn's wanted:
kyroge, Darkrai, mewtwo, lugia,

Major Accomplish ments
Obtained all starters
Obtained 3 missing no's
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