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    Journal last updated: Thursday, July 4th 2019 at 2:17 PM
    DeviantART: Demi
    Furaffinity: Demi
    Toyhouse: Demi
    Twitter DemiDraws and TinyDemi
    Weasyl: Demi
    Patreon: Demi

    My display name was Fate from Joined: Thu. Mar. 26/09 - Fri. Nov. 13/15

    Decided to switch to my real name :3

    Forget shiny hunting. Just blindly fill party from shelter and pray to Arceus.

    Padding out explorations by having multiple "Get [x] interactions" back to back is stupid.

    Flame orb is completely pointless. Go do something else while you have an hour to wait for an egg to hatch.
    Heart Scale is also useless unless PC box space is prime real estate? Just release it later.

    I float in and out of activity. Sometimes I go into extreme inactivity due to having other things to deal with.

    I hate the battle system and everything about it. The system is horrible and the fact I have to use it to get site upgrades is a kick in the voltorbs.
    Just let me BUY the styling comb and EXP all. I don't care if it costs an arm & leg in points.
    75 win streak? No. Stop.
    The only time I ever touch the battle system is when explorations force me to. And then it's a battle of who can out cheese the other: me or the AI
    The list of available moves need to be updated. Support moves are basically useless. Don't bother recovering because you just wasted a turn and you're gonna get KO'd anyway.
    I'm forever locked out of getting the options to style Furfrou or the EXP share because the battle subway system is complete garbage. Really fair.
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