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DeepFreeze757's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, April 16th 2013 at 6:59 PM
Hey there people, and welcome to my profile. There's not much here right now 'cuz I'm a noob, but hey, whatever :P I pretty much just try and hatch random eggs I get from the shelter or lab, and then go around randomly clicking on people's Pokemon and eggs. That's about all I do here, actually.

I got here because a friend was talking about it a lot and I was intrigued, so I decided to try it out. I've found hatching these eggs to be quite addicting, actually xD

Random fact about me: I LOVE Ice-type Pokemon :P

Shiny Pokemon Obtained:
Solosis (now a Reuniclus) (self-bred)
Axew (random) (now a Haxorus)
Gastly (now a Gengar)
Cubchoo (now a Beartic) (self-bred)
Snorunt (now a Froslass)
Mienfoo (now a Mienshao)
Vanillite (random) (now a Vanilluxe)
Litwick (random) (now a Chandelure)
Gible (now a Gabite)

Wanted shinies:
Sentret (because shiny Furret looks like the Cheshire Cat :P)
Will add more as I think of them.

Oh yeah, see those people in my Pal Pad? Give them some clicks too, especially my brother, Ray445, and my girlfriend, OceanSpiral. Click them NAO!
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