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Journal last updated: Friday, August 20th 2010 at 9:35 PM
Currently working on the various dex completion achievements- the novelty and fossil ones are pretty easy if you mass-click with a pokémon in the Underground. I'll be sending a duplicate Rayquaza to the Shelter soon- my consolation replacement Enigma Stone ended up not helping.

1- If you only have five pokémon, and you click 5 of my six, I'm going to click 4 of yours. Basically I click back all of your eggs minus however many of mine you didn't click. Unless you only have one egg/mon, I'll click at least one (if you click 2 but only have 3, I'll click one).

2- If I currently have an egg ready to hatch, the above guideline is disregarded as I can't tell who clicked fewer due to the egg or to laziness.

3- Also, I'm TVTMaster, if anyone who knows me from PMF or PE2K shows up. Shoot me a PM and I'll pal you.
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