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Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 31st 2010 at 5:00 AM
Full clickbacks. ;)

PLEASE CLICK MY FRIEND JJuuse (check PalPad for page-link), THE KING OF MAGIKARPS!! :D :D

Random Updates:-

Glitch Pokemon egg!! Just appeared lol. Finally got me a Missingno.

Hehe, just found a Soul Dew ^^, gonna sell it though

10k interactions!! ^^; I'm proud of myself lol (17th August 2009)

Dragonite got PokeRus... o.o (26 October 09)

Yes, I have fulfilled the requirements for at least 5 events, and yes, I have not received a single event thus far. XD I actually got an event! The Giratina Halloween event ^_^

YUS~! Mew egg! (21st November 09)

w00t! Getting-random-event-Darkrai-while-not-even-being-active win! (16th February '10)

Yay for hatching Giratina, sending it Underground, and having it return the same day with a Fossil Anorith egg ^.^ (23rd March 2010)

Successfully summoned Palkia from Lab. (27th May 2010)

Holy eff! Luckiest I've EVER been in shelter... Slime Slugma egg :) (9th June '10)

Got a 'Wymsy, even though they're uber popular. (Got two actually <_<). Switched one out for a Easter Buneary. :)

Got #1 place on "Most Proper Berry Interactions Today." Guess that's what a shiny Pichu will make you do... Also, Groudon get. (26 Aug '10)

Registeel. :3 (31st Aug '10)
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