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Journal last updated: Monday, November 12th 2012 at 9:50 PM
08/19/12; got an azelf egg for finishing the guardians exploration~

i don't always click back. but when i do, i try to click back full parties. also, i only click proper berries when i need to, for achievements or explorations. i don't mind if you one-click me, but full party is always appreciated. c:

time zone; pst
fave gen; second
fave poké; ampharos

shinies i want; tirtouga, snivy, glameow, chingling, feebas, mareep, sentret, eevee, lapras
shinies obtained; mudkip/28

now; zigzagoon
next; glameow/tirtouga

affinity; wulfenite
trinkets; 185/1500
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