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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 at 11:31 PM
||||~~~*#The Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

Bleeeeeeeeh does anyone really care to read these now? xD **UPDATE** I had a break from GPX but now I'm back!! so umm yeah.. Back to clicking I go

W00t w00t XD Any clicks are greatly appreciated! And i try my best to click back! I usually do click for click, party for party, so if u one click i'll probably click back one of yours. Unless im feeling generous and go on a clicking rampage hahaha

Also feel free to add me to your pal-pad, just email me or pm me and tell me u did so i add you back XP. i come on pretty much every day ^.^ thanks again for coming! If you have time please also check out my friends in my pal-pad, they always click back and appreciate every click

A little about me. My name is Scott. Im 21. born 18th December. I live in good 'ol New Zealand. Thats about it i guess XD
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