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From: Russia
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DMD MDM's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, March 24th 2013 at 12:48 AM

Welcome to my GPX+ Page!

Achievements goal:
V Complete 100 explorations 100/100
V Obtain shiny legend 1/1
V Obtain 100 shiny 100/100
X Collect all trinkets 1876/2011

Shiny goal:
Tirtouga, Frillish, Cubchoo, Remorage, Shellderboy, Flaming Zorua, Spiky-Eared Pichu

Shiny races:
Vs Miss Natsume | Deerling (Winter)
Vs Nikkas | Deerling (Fall)
Vs Miss Luxray | Deerling (Spring)
Vs DarkScizor2011 | Deerling (Summer) Vs Zorua
Vs Rowling | Aipom Vs Wynaut
Vs Nikkas | Voltorb
Vs GiZmo | Tropius
Vs Maria1 | Poliwag Vs Axew
Vs Leptailurus | Aerodactyl Vs Sandshrew
Vs GiZmo | Buneary Vs Miltank

Explorations (times completed by me):
Incident in Yellow Forest - 25 times
Mystery Creature of the Ruins - 36 times
A Ripple in Time - 21 times
Star Guided Journey - 11 times
That Burning Desire!! - 3 times

About me:
Nickname: DMD_MDM
Age: 18
Birthday: 22, March
Location: Russia
Languages: english, russian, french
Time: Server Time + 8 [GMT+3]
deviantArt: DMD-MDM
Facebook: DiaminSpc
Vk.com: dmd_mdm

User number: 98684
"Top Ranking Users" record: #43
Affinity: Azurite

Thanks for visit!
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