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Points: 1,329,791
Pass Orbs: 857

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Prize Points: 53
Ranking: 1,976
Joined: Tue. Aug. 18/09
Last seen: Sat. Dec. 26/20 (Desktop)
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From: United Kingdom
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    Journal last updated: Friday, November 13th 2020 at 9:15 AM
    the girl with the lumpy space princess tattoo

    » hello i'm nichola. i'm 28 years old now. i've been here since 2009 but inactive from 2013 until 2019.
    » i live in england so i'm sometimes not around during server times. i also have a full time job.
    » i'm a filthy casual.
    » if i'm online i will always click back.
    » yes i seriously have a lumpy space princess tattoo.

    shiny shiny

    » active hunts: azurill, kabuto, murkrow [sep 2020 swsh], galarian corsola, galarian zigzagoon [nov 2020 swsh]
    » last obtained: deerling fall [egg #192]
    » total: 37

    long term goals

    » get a shiny mesprit [unlikely since i've never once completed guardians but y'know]
    » complete a full standard [non-novelty] living dex
    » shiny novelty zygarde cell!
    » complete that burning desire at least once and don't quit it out of boredom
    » complete the unown box
    » get ranking into the 1000's 1924 in july 2020!
    » elite clicker july 2020! never again... zzz
    » death. of. the. world. august 2020!
    » completely 100% random shelter egg shiny
    » completely 100% random safari zone shiny beedrill!!
    » completely 100% random lab shiny
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    Godsend (Aug 9/20)
    An All Night Thing (Oct 13/19)
    Speed Reader (Oct 6/19)
    Social Network (Mar 4/20)
    Lucky Day (Sep 14/19)
    Elite Clicker (Jul 20/20)

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