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Journal last updated: Saturday, November 27th 2010 at 2:09 AM
Journal Entry #1

Bleh. I feel overwhelmed. So many slowpoke eggs! I met a group of trainers who breed slowpoke the other day, and it sounded like fun. Now my slowpoke like each other too much though, I'm getting new eggs way faster than I can hatch the old ones. Thank goodness for the shelter. What would it be like if I had to hatch all of these eggs by myself? It sends shivers down my spine, thinking about it. At least my slowokes are happy

Charm is growing up pretty well. He's ready to evolve, but I've decided to keep him like this a little longer. As a metapod he wouldn't be able to help me with my eggs, and I have no idea how long it'll be until he evolves to a butterfree after that. What if I adopted a weedle or something to be friends with him? Nah, I don't have enough room for more pokemon. If these eggs hatch soon I might. Except my slowpokes will probably have laid more eggs by then
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