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Journal last updated: Friday, August 17th 2018 at 5:09 PM
Hi. My name is Crobat/Lydia. I joined GPX in March '09 and I'm 29. I come from (not so) merry ol' England. I absolutely adore bats (Zubat is one of my fave pokémon) and have been working on a whole box of Shiny Crobats. I'm currently up to 24/24. [Complete! April '09 - May '16] [14 females/10 males - 5,361 eggs]

I'm rather shy at first but I soon open up.

I also like most Poison or Ghost types.

...It took me almost 2 years exactly to finish DotW.

- Last embark: Jan. 17th '16 at 5:28 PM
- First completion: Jan. 15th '18 at 11:18 PM
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Batman (Aug 15/10)
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Mythical Beasts (May 28/10)
Dog Whisperer (Jun 24/10)
Selective Trainer (Dec 24/10)
Shiny Collector (Jun 6/10)
Great Success! (Jul 1/10)
Persistent (Apr 1/12)
Master Clicker (Aug 18/10)
Master Hatcher (Jan 8/11)
Master Breeder (Oct 16/11)
Master Summoner (Sep 28/10)

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