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Journal last updated: Saturday, March 21st 2015 at 4:33 PM
NEWS: 3/21/15
I still click eggs, still doing hunts just don't get on much.

* I click mostly eggs when I'm doing Explore or Shiny Hunts, & some times will click Pokemon.
* I try to click all people whom interacted with me the days I click.
* I click all whom have added me to their Pal-Pad, & some times twice using Odd Incense, so add me if you'd like to be clicked.
* Also please help my son, his name is Sam0Charmander

- Weedle
- Zubat

Can't Pass It Up 2721/3,000) - Have over 3,000 Pass Orbs. (it would help if I didn't keep using them)
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